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Take look at this photo over at FiredUp! of Huey, Dewey and Louie … er, ex-senator Kit Bond, Senator Roy Blunt and wanna-be senator, Rep. Todd Akin (R-2). FiredUp!‘s Shannon implies that Bond and Blunt may have decided to make do with Akin as the best potential candidate the Missouri GOP can hustle up to run against Claire McCaskill next year.  

Shannon makes no bones about her assumption that potential Akin challenger, John Brunner, just isn’t ready for prime time, and I personally can’t see two such cagey movers-and-shakers as Bond and Blunt extending much of a welcome to “loose cannon” Sarah Steelman unless they are forced to do it. This leaves them having to grin-and-bear radical fringe-winger Akin.

On the surface, Christian dominionist Akin seems to be a world apart from two fat-cat Republicans like Bond and Blunt. Of course, the two senate veterans are also realists, and Akin’s ability to see socialism in a grain of sand is not really that incompatible with their ultimate goals as servants of the corporatocracy. The ideological extremes have actually proven to be rather useful in that regard as the Koch Brothers’ utilization of the über Tea Party group, Americans for Prosperity, demonstrated during the fight over health care reform.

There is another dimension to the formation of this convivial threesome as well.  Greg Sargent gets it right when he remarks about last night’s GOP Tea Party primary debate that:

… the GOP keeps spinning farther and farther from the general election median voter every week. And, in many cases, reality – do these folks really believe that the biggest economic problem today is runaway inflation? That Americans are desperate to rid themselves of Social Security? That policies enacted by Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2009 (whatever you think of those policies) caused a recession that began in 2007? That “exceptionalism” is the beginning and end of foreign policy? I know, one expects rhetoric that plays to the audience, and I’m sure that most of these positions and the rhetoric that goes with it is carefully polled and focus-grouped (as well it should be). And that’s the real story here: The audience has been trained by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and the rest of that squad – and therefore a careful, cautious, Republican presidential candidate who is perfectly well-versed in the issues, solidly conservative in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, and knows exactly what he or she needs to do to win the Republican nomination is going to sound like a nut half the time.

The lunatic rightward drift of the GOP is just as true at the state level. Old time realists and money men like Bond and Blunt can read the writing on the wall as well as anybody, and have probably just decided that now is the time to take a deep breath, relax, and embrace their totally nutty inner GOP child, and if that means indulging folks like Akin when they throw tantrums about various species of evil-doers and the flaming, big-government socialists out to destroy Western civilization, so be it.