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@RepHartzler Rep. Vicky Hartzler

Pres. Obama continues his taxpayer-paid campaign bus tour today in the Midwest. Wonder how much this is costing taxpayers? 4 hours ago

Would you rather he fly? Maybe not.

My goodness, traveling around the country and having his staff expell dissenting voices from public events would be an impeachable offense, wouldn’t it?:

…Weise and Young were admitted to the event at that time, but were later ejected, after the Secret Service agent had consulted with and been advised by White House Advance Office employees. In recommending ejection, these White House Advance Office employees (according to the complaint) appeared to be following an established White House Advance Office “policy of excluding those who disagree with the President [George W. Bush] from the President’s official public appearances….”

After all, this is America where our political figures must maintain access for and contact with those who they serve, right?