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Harvey Ferdman, a St. Louis activist, sent out this letter asking his political acquaintances to rally at the Veterans’ Home in St. Louis on Monday. Republicans are in the process of closing down that home and before long all the veterans’ homes in the state, even though the state only pays for 21% of the cost:

Missouri Department of Public Safety Veterans Commission

St. Louis Veterans Home

10600 Lewis & Clark Blvd

St Louis, MO 63136

Monday, August 1st, 2011 at 10:00 AM (gather in the lobby at 9:30 AM).

Our State Legislature has decided to gradually defund the MO State Veterans Homes (there are 7 across the state, one in St. Louis) at a time when there is a 1600 person waiting list!

I spoke with Administrator Smith at the St. Louis Home on Friday and he said the following:

There was a reduction in funding that began in 2009 and continues today … “if the current rate of decrease continues, then all the Homes will have to close by April 2013”.

This is amazing considering that the Homes Program is funded 49.41% VA Per Diem, 29.33% Resident Contribution, and only from 21.26%-General Revenue.

He replied in the affirmative when I asked if it would help secure funding from our State Government for these homes if people who want to see them stay open show up to Monday’s Veterans Commission meeting.

Many thanks to Norma Jean [Downey] for alerting me/us to this.


Harvey Ferdman