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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) today via Twitter:

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Just spent a couple of hours answering the phones in my office. Dominant message? Don’t cut Soc Sec or Medicare and #compromise. 2 hours ago

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) taking constituent calls in her office. Photo via Facebook.

A few of the Facebook comments:

Close the tax loophole and stop the corporate welfare… you promised to cut waste and duplication in governmental programs, please continue your work. DO NOT cut social programs or veteran’s bemefits. We need jobs!

….lets start with the ‘tax breaks’ for the rich, which in reality is ‘tax spending’ much of our nation’s debt could be fixed by repealing the bush ‘tax spending’ for the wealthy.

Cut, cap and balance is a no win solution. Claire is a good senator. It’s the tea party caucus who is trying to destroy our REpublic at any costs. They are anti Obama in everything, and no one can convince me otherwise that it is all about race. Period. The tp’ers are trying to destroy our Republic at any costs, and they no where near patriots of any shape. Go, Claire, and stop the madness of the tea party.

Hold Strong – the wealthy MUST pay their fair share. The Republican dogma about tax cuts for welthy so they can reinvest in America doesn’t work when they are reinvesting in China!

Sorry Claire it is not going to work we know you are a lier [sic]

Congress passed the spending bills to commit to spending over the years. They passed the temporary tax cuts then made them permanent. The affardable health insurance act hasn’t taken affect- when it does it is expected to provide more care at less cost.

This President gets stuck with the blame.

Senator keep up the good work, keep focused on creating jobs and finding the common ground to govern. The extreme left and extreme right are both wrong in my opinion.

get rid of the Bush tax cut for the wealthy. They are not creating any new jobs and are taking large bonuses for themselves.

If the R’s want to compromise for the Country why are they spending billions on negative political ads blaming D’s for the economic crisis? Poor taste! The deficit is PAST spending. We want a democratic solution. Sen McCaskill is interested in the public interest not private interest. We don’t want fascism & some of these crazy things proposed in Washington are close.

And the latest, via Twitter:

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

Taking a blanket and pillow to the Capitol. #neveragoodsign 6 minutes ago

Followed by quick comments from friends:

@BGinKC Blue Girl

@SharkFu @clairecmc I have suggestions on who to smother with that pillow, and thoughts about the blanket and a bag of oranges, as well. 4 minutes ago

@SharkFu SharkFu

@BGinKC oooh, you are BAD! #ILike 3 minutes ago