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Because this is a crucial week. With the debt crisis looming, let’s put more heat on His Nuttiness, Todd Akin. Jobs with Justice and Pro-Vote are asking us to show up at his St. Charles office on Friday:

We have been raising our voices to demand that Congress must not balance the federal budget at the expense of workers, our health and retirement security or our children.  But some members of Congress are just not getting the message.

This week is the 46th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid.  President Johnson signed the programs into law in Independence Missouri July 31, 1965.  Harry S. Truman signed up as the first Medicare beneficiary.

Congressman Todd Akin has repeatedly voted to end Medicare as we know it, first as part of the dangerous Ryan budget proposal, and then by endorsing cuts and caps and a so-called “balanced budget amendment” that would force deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other programs important to working families and to the middle class.

We need you to BE THERE, this FRIDAY July 29 @ noon  

At Congressman Akin’s St Charles district office

820 S. Main Street, Suite 206, St Charles 63301

A coffin cake and black balloons will be presented to Akins office. We will tell Congressman Akin:   “Don’t Make This The Last Anniversary of Medicare.”

We want revenue solutions, and Congress must protect  Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.