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If you’ve been following the latest in the debt ceiling hostage crisis, you know that House Speaker Boehner has offered up a bill that gives the GOP all that it wants, but insures that we get to dance this particular fandango again in six months, right before an election. Senator Harry Reid has prepared a competing plan that gives the the GOP all that it wants (except cuts in Social Security and Medicare), but won’t allow the issue to arise again until after the election, thereby insuring that when the Tea Party wants to cut Social Security and Medicare again during the next 18 months, they won’t be able to take the economy hostage, but will have to debate their proposals on their own merits.

The kicker is that currently at least 22 of Boehner’s own GOP House homies won’t support his proposal – it just isn’t destructive enough – and he can’t afford to lose more than 24 votes so it will be a close call. If you want to know who it is in the House that stands squarely in the non compos mentis corner, look no further than these 22 morons who are turning their backs on their own leader – and smack dab in their middle is Missouri’s Todd Akin (R-2). Not a big surprise really, but if “somebody” – or some state Democratic party – doesn’t make a big deal about such acts of economic terrorism when his Senate run swings into high gear, they deserve to lose badly.

The only other Missouri GOPer who has committed himself seems to be Billy Long (R-7), who, for the moment at least, is inclined to be a good little boy and go along with his House leadership and vote yes on the Boehner proposal.  It’ll be interesting to see how the remaining Missouri members of the take-us-over-the-edge party votes on Speaker Boehner’s bill when it comes up for a vote this afternoon.

Funny thing is that there’s all this sound and fury about a bill that’s DOA in the Senate. Kinda like the Tea Party itself – and by extension today’s GOP – long on putrid symbolism, short on substance when it comes to the hard work of governing for the good of all the people.

UPDATE.  Think Progress reports that 24 House members have come out against the Boehner plan – enough to do it in if nothing changes.  According to today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Vicky Hartzler, who is not on the Think Progress list, is undecided. She’s certainly crazy enought to go no, but can she withstand the pressure Boehner is said to be exerting on his wayward – and poorly informed – charges – Daily Kos reports that a GOPer who attended Boehner’s pep rallies commented that one GOP freshman actually didn’t know what happened if the Senate rejected the bill. Kinda makes the Tea Party delusions a bit more comprehensible, doesn’t it?