The second “Work product of commission” (WPC) map to be reviewed is the Republican commissioners map, which they dubbed “minimum changes”. They called it that, not me or anybody else. Just keep that in mind.

The Republican and Democratic maps contrast in a few ways.

The Democratic map has 13 African-American majority districts (4 in Kansas City, 9 in St. Louis). The Republican map has 11 of those districts (3 in KC and 8 in St. Louis). Apparently the increase in the percentage of African-Americans in Missouri from 11.2% to 11.5% merits a drop in seats.

I know lawyers. I’m sure they can cite specifics. But I know lawsuit bait when I see it. You can see by the percentages listed below that 8 of the 11 districts are 70% or more African-American, an unnecessarily high percentage.

But the Republican map is far less aggressive with pairing (well, aside from two Northeast Missouri Democrats who they paired). As well, they seem to be slightly less willing to cut across county/city lines in some areas (North Missouri). But the Republican map also cuts up Pulaski County, cuts Vernon County in two, continues the cut of Newton County to unintentionally keep a McDonald County resident out of the House, and slices University City across four districts.

The map is also adhering to the idea of “cluster Democrats in as few districts as possible, so that we can have the rest”.

So perhaps minimal change means “minimal change” from the 106 to 57 standings in the Missouri state house. After all, a state which is 54/40 in a bad year is totally a 106/57 state.

Also, it’s worth noting that in all the pairings, the pairing of Craig Redmon (R) and Tom Shively (D) on the Republican map is bold. You will see this when I show you where the district line is located and where Shively’s house is located. Craig Redmon is one of three legislators to get paired on both maps (the others being Lindell Shumake, and Rory Ellinger).

There are some similarities between both maps. They both create new districts in Boone County. Currently Boone has 3 whole districts, part of Quinn’s district and part of Cauthorn’s district. Both maps give Boone 4 whole seats and leave the rest to Cauthorn (Centralia) or Asbury (Harrisburg). Both maps also pair incumbents representing St. Louis City (well, if they didn’t, it’d be a great magic trick, but still)

I can point out some districts on the Democratic map that I’d disagree with. But you can see on the KCMO district map that the Republican map proposes a disservice by matching North Kansas City and Northeast KC in one district, and when they propose pairing Western Independence and Eastern Kansas City in a pretty contrived-looking open district. The STL experts can point out something in both maps, i’m sure. But if you’re going to promise minimal changes, try not making a map that seems to violate the law and that definitely violates the idea of communities of interest.

The fun thing about these maps is that you get to see them essentially go for the entire package of quirks in the hope that some of them wind up on the final map (that will likely be drawn by judges). After all, the final map could give entire districts to Newton County (Dem map), Johnson County (Rep map), Pettis County (Rep map) and all sorts of things which make good logical sense (If the county has the population to support one house district in it’s boundaries, unless there’s a logistical quirk, that county should get get district)

So, on to the maps and the walls of text. Paired in italics. Open in bold.

HD1 (Clark, Knox, Lewis, Schuyler, Scotland counties. Part of Marion (everything outside of Palmyra/Hannibal) and Shelby (putting Shively’s house in the district by several feet) – Redmon (R) and Shively (D)

HD2 (Adair, Putnam, Sullivan) – Wyatt (R)

HD3 (Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Mercer. Part of Daviess (everything except a SW corner)) – Guernsey (R)

HD4 (Atchison, Holt, Nodaway, Worth) – Thomson (R)

HD5 (Clinton and DeKalb. Parts of Caldwell (Kidder) and Daviess (SE corner) – Klippenstein (R)

HD6 (Ralls. Parts of Marion (Palmyra/Hannibal) and Monroe (Monroe City) – Shumake (R) and Quinn (D)

HD7 (Carroll and Livingston. Parts of Caldwell and Chariton (Brunswick/Keytesville)) – Lair (R)

HD8 (Linn and Macon. Parts of Chariton (Salisbury) and Shelby (Places where Tom Shively doesn’t live) – Open

HD9 (Saline. Parts of Lafayette (Higginsville) and Pettis (NE Corner) – Open (term limits)

HD10 (Pike. Parts of Audrain (Eastern half), Callaway (Kingdom City), and Lincoln (Northern) – Houghton (R)

HD11 (Lincoln. Troy) – Schieffer (D)

HD12 (St. Charles County. St. Peters/Cottleville) – Funderburk (R)

HD13 (St. Charles Co) – Gatschenberger (R)

HD14 (St. Charles Co) – Conway (R)

HD15 (St. Charles) – Open (until Sally Faith’s seat is filled in a special election)

HD16 (St. Charles) – Parkinson (R)

HD17 (St. Charles) – Open (term limits)

HD18 (St. Charles) – Zerr (R)

HD19 (O’Fallon) – Bahr (R)

HD20 (Callaway) – Riddle (R)

HD21 (Parts of Audrain (Western), Boone (Centralia), Monroe (Most of the county)) – Cauthorn (R)

HD22 (Howard and Randolph. Parts of Boone (Harrisburg) – Asbury

HD23 (Western Columbia) – Webber (D)

HD24 (Southern Columbia) – Kelly (D)

HD25 (Eastern Columbia) – Still (D)

HD26 (Western Boone) – Open

HD27 (St. Joseph) – Conway (D)

HD28 (Andrew, Northern Buchanan) – Johnson (R)

HD29 (Southern Buchanan, NW Platte) – Higdon (R)

HD30 (Parkville, KCMO) – Marshall (R)

HD31 (KCMO in Clay County, Part of North KC) – Swearingen (D)

HD32 (Riverside, KCMO) – Schieber (R)

HD33 (Gladstone/Pleasant Valley) – Open (term-limits)

HD34 (Liberty/Claycomo) – Neth (R)

HD35 (Kearney) – Berry (R)

HD36 (Excelsior Springs/Ray County) – Open (term-limits)

HD37 (Smithville, NE Platte) – Open

HD38 (KCMO in Clay County) – Open (term-limits)

HD39 (The Plaza) – Open until special election

HD40 (Northeast KC and North Kansas City) – Rizzo (D) – 38% Hispanic

HD41 (Eastern KC, western Independence, Sugar Creek) – Open (until a special election in HD41?) – 22% Hispanic/16% African-American

HD42 (Eastern KC) – Open (term limits) – 75% African-American

HD43 (Eastern KC) – McCann Beatty (D) – 75% African-American

HD44 (Brookside to US71) – Kander (D) – 31% African-American

HD45 (KCMO) – Holsman (D) – 40% African-American

HD46 (Grandview and KCMO) – McManus (D) – 34% African-American

HD47 (Downtown KC) – Talboy (D) – 54% African-American

HD48 (Lee’s Summit) – Cross (R)

HD49 (Independence, KCMO, Raytown) – McDonald (D) – 15% African-American

HD50 (Raytown, KCMO) – Open – 30% African-American

HD51 (Northeast Independence) – Anders (D)

HD52 (Southern Independence) – Torpey (R)

HD53 (Eastern Independence, Northeast Jackson County, Gran Valley, Oak Grove) – Lasaster (R)

HD54 (Independence, Blue Springs) – Lauer (R)

HD55 (Blue Springs) – Solon (R)

HD56 (Lee’s Summit) – Cierpiot (R)

HD57 (South/Southwest STL) – Colona (D) – 18% African-American

HD58 (North-Central STL) – Hubbard (D) – 62% African-American

HD59 (Lee’s Summit/Raymore) – Grisamore (R)

HD60 (North-Central STL) – Nasheed (D) – 89% African-American

HD61 (North STL) – Carter (D) and May (D) – 94% African-American

HD62 (Stone County and part of Taney) – Phillips (R)

HD63 (Central STL)
– Jones (D) – 44% African-American

HD64 (Western STL, Clayton, University City) – Carlson (D) and Newman (D) – 41% African-American

HD65 (SW STL) – Kratky (D)

HD66 (Webster Groves) – Kirkton (D)

HD67 (SE STL) – Open – 52% African-American

HD68 (Barry County. Part of Shell Knob that’s in Stone County and only accessible from Barry County) – Open (term limits)

HD69 (Bellefontaine Neighbors) – Pierson (D) – 82% African-American

HD70 (Jennings, Ferguson, Berkeley) – Pace (D) – 81% African-American

HD71 (Blackjack, Spanish Lake) – Taylor (D) and Walton Gray (D) – 83% African-American

HD72 (University City, Pagedale) – Ellinger (D) and Smith (D) – 77% African-American

HD73 (University City, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Maplewood) – Open

HD74 (Spanish Lake, North STL County) – Webb (D) – 55% African-American

HD75 (Florissant) – Atkins (D) – 32% African-American

HD76 (Ferguson, Hazelwood, Dellwood, Florissant) – Spreng (D) – 60% African-American

HD77 (St. Ann and St. John) – McGeoghegan (D) – 25% African-American

HD78 (Hazelwood and Bridgeton) – McNeil (D) – 23% African-American

HD79 (Maryland Heights) – Nichols (D)

HD80 (SW St. Charles County) – Open

(current district lines in pink)

HD81 (Parts of St. Charles (Wentzville), and Lincoln (Moscow Mills)) – Open

HD82 (Creve Coeur and Olivette) – Schupp (D)

HD83 (Overland, University City, Olivette) – Open until Special Election

HD84 (Chesterfield, Wildwood) – Gosen (R)

HD85 (SE STL Co. Concord, Mehlville, Green Park) – Brown (R)

HD86 (Chesterfield, Maryland Heights) – McNary (R)

HD87 (Town and County, Ladue, Frontenac, Brentwood) – Diehl (R)

HD88 (Ballwin) – Koenig (R)

HD89 (Eureka, Wildwood) – Jones (R)

HD90 (Jefferson County. Murphy, High Ridge) – McCaherty (R)

HD91 (Jefferson County. DeSoto) – Harris (D)

HD92 (Manchester. Town and County) – Allen (R)

HD93 (Valley Park. Fenton) – Scharnhorst (R)

HD94 (Kirkwood) – Stream (R)

HD95 (Sunset Hills. Fenton) – Leara (R)

HD96 (Affton. Lemay) – Sifton (D)

HD97 (Concord. SE STL Co) – Fuhr (R)

HD98 (Franklin County. Union and St. Clair) – Hinson (R)

HD99 (Montgomery County. Part of Warren) – Korman (R)

HD100 (Oakville) – Haefner (R)

HD101 (Jefferson County. Arnold and Imperial) – Open (term-limits)

HD102 (Jefferson County. Barnhart) – Wieland (R)

HD103 (Jefferson County. Festus and Crystal City) – Open (term-limits)

HD104 (St. Francois (Park Hills/Bonne Terre), Jefferson, and Washington Counties) – Open

HD105 (Franklin County (Pacific) and Jefferson County (Cedar Hill) – Curtman (R)

HD106 (Ste. Genevieve. Parts of Jefferson and Perry (Perryville) Counties) – Fallert (D)

HD107 (St. Francois County) – Linda Black (D)

HD108 (SE STL) – Hummel (D)

HD109 (Parts of Franklin (Washington), St. Charles (SW Corner) and Warren (SE Corner) – Dieckhaus (R)

HD110 (Camden County) – Franklin (R)

HD111 (Western Franklin, SE Corner Gasconade, and Northern Crawford) – Schatz (R)

HD112 (Osage and Maries. Gasconade) – Open (term-limits)

HD113 (Eastern Jefferson City) – Bernskoetter (R)

HD114 (Western Jefferson City) – Barnes (R)

HD115 (Miller and Northern Pulaski) – Open (term-limits)

HD116 (Northern Benton, NW Corner Camden, Morgan County and Southern Pettis) – Brown (R)

HD117 (Cooper and Moniteau, and part of Cole) – Jones (R)

HD118 (Pettis) – Cox (R)

HD119 (Dallas, Hickory, and St. Clair, part of Laclede) – Crawford (R)

HD120 (Henry County. Part of Benton and Johnson) – Largent (R)

HD121 (Central Johnson County. Warrensburg/Knob Noster) – Hoskins (R)

HD122 (Western Lafayette, Northern Johnson, NE Cass) – Open (term-limits)

HD123 (NW Cass) – Molendorp (R)

HD124 (Harrisonville) – Brattin (R)

HD125 (Bates County. Southern Cass and Northern Vernon) – Open

HD126 (Barton County. Southern Vernon, Western Cedar, Northern Jasper) – Kelley (R)

HD127 (Jasper County. Carthage) – Flanigan (R)

HD128 (Jasper County. Webb City and Joplin) – Davis (R)

HD129 (Joplin and NE Newton) – White (R)

HD130 (SW Newton (Neosho) and Western McDonald) – Reiboldt (R)

HD131 (Rest of Newton and Eastern McDonald) – Lant (R)

HD132 (Lawrence County) – Ruzicka

HD133 (Parts of Cedar and Polk Counties) – Entlicher (R)

HD134 (Greene County. Republic) – Long (R)

HD135 (Greene County. SE Greene. Part of Christian County) – Denison (R)

HD136 (Greene County. SW Springfield) – Burlison (R)

HD137 (Greene County. NW Springfield) – Leach (R)

HD138 (Greene County. SE Springfield) – Open (term limits)

HD139 (Greene County. West Springfield. Willard) – Schoeller (R)

HD140 (Greene County. East/NE Springfield) – Hough (R)

HD141 (Christian County. Nixa) – Elmer (R)

HD142 (Christian County. Ozark) – Open

HD143 (Taney County. Branson and Hollister) – Open

HD144 (Wright County. Parts of Texas and Pulaski (Ft. Leonard Wood) Counties) – Dugger (R)

HD145 (Webster County. Part of Laclede County) – Fraker (R)

HD146 (Laclede County, Part of Pulaski County) – Pollock (R)

HD147 (Shannon and Oregon County. Eastern Texas County) – Open

HD148 (Central Pulaski County and SW Phelps County) – Open

HD149 (Northern Phelps County) – Frederick (R)

HD150 (Dent County. Parts of Crawford and Phelps County) – Smith (R)

HD151 (Howell County) – Open (term limits)

HD152 (Dade County. Parts of Greene, Lawrence, and Polk Counties) – Open

HD153 (Eastern Taney County, Douglas, Ozark, and part of Howell County) – Rowland (R)

HD154 (Butler County) – Richardson (R)

HD155 (Iron and Reynolds Counties, Part of Washington County) – Fitzwater (R)

HD156 (Bollinger and Madison Counties. Parts of Cape Girardeau, Scott, and Stoddard Counties) – Keeney (R)

HD157 (Parts of Cape Girardeau and Perry Counties) – Lichtenegger (R)

HD158 (Cape Girardeau) – Wellingford (R)

HD159 (Stoddard County. Part of Scott County) – Open (Term limits)

160 (Parts of Mississippi, New Madrid, and Scott) – Open (Brandom running for Senate)

HD161 (Carter, Ripley, and Wayne Counties. Part of Butler County) – Cookson (R)

HD162 (Pemiscot County. Parts of Mississippi and New Madrid Counties) – Hodges (D)

HD163 (Dunklin County. Parts of Butler and New Madrid Counties) – Hampton (R)

That’s the Republican map. Perhaps I can give the Senate some much needed attention and look at their maps.

But if you’ve looked over the maps, feel free to add thoughts or hopes for the final product.