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In The Hill:

New Member of the Week: Rep. Hartzler sees God’s plan in politics

By Ramsey Cox – 05/16/11 06:19 AM ET

….According to the Environmental Working Group, Hartzler and her husband received around $775,000 in federal farm subsidies during the last 15 years.

“We do participate in the government programs, like probably 95 percent of farmers do,” Hartzler said. “People who aren’t familiar with the agriculture industry, you know, try and make that look like something exceptional….”

[emphasis added]

From the Environmental Working Group:

Farms Getting Government Payments, By State, according to the 2007 USDA Census of Agriculture

State/Number of Farms/Number of Farms Receiving Government Subsidies/Percent Receiving Government Subsidies

United States 2,204,792 838,391 38.0%

Missouri 107,825 45,102 41.8%

[emphasis added]

That’s some misunderestimate for someone familiar with the agriculture industry.