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Jon Stewart entered the belly of the beast (yeah, there’s an ad at the start of this clip):


….Jon Stewart: You believe that Fox News is exactly the ideological equivalent [crosstalk] of NBC News.

Chris Wallace: I think we’re the counterweight. I think we’re the counterweight.

Jon Stewart: You believe that [crosstalk]…

Chris Wallace: I think that they have a liberal agenda and I think we tell the other side of the story.

[cut away from video]

Jon Stewart: The other side of the story. We don’t, we don’t tell both sides of the story. We tell one side. The other side. The one we perceive as never told [inaudible]. ‘Cause as you know news only comes in two sides. [laughter] And if the conservative side isn’t being told what’s being told must be liberal. Fox News isn’t fair and balanced it’s balancing the system, man. Don’t you get it? The system’s unfair and unbalanced. To balance the system Fox has to be the purest form of right wing resin because of how [laughter], because of how heavy left wing America is. Hollywood, comedians, every single news organization, the Internet, facts [laughter], history, science, it’s all just left wing [bleep], man…

We knew that already:

A protest sign from a few years ago.

March 25, 2004:

Wholly without merit

We’ve continued our daily vigil on the Quad at our university for over a year. Yesterday I was joined by other activists, one by one, until by the end of our vigil our host numbered six.  My colleague, the fourth to join us, noted as he approached, “Boy, you really notice it when there are three of you standing out here.”  And we were noticed.  You could see the people walking in the distance slow perceptibly as the passed, some squinting to read our signs.

I handed out signs to those who joined us.  The usual question from me is “Which one do you want?”  Some signs are more aggressive than others – the recipient choosing that with which they are most comfortable.

After I passed out signs I took up the “Faux News Channel, fascist groupies” sign.  And yes, it is aggressive.  At that time an individual slowed in the distance and called out “Does that make me a fascist?”  It was an interesting reaction to observe – taking the content of a sign directed at a corporate entity as a personal affront.  We had all been engaged in conversation.  Upon hearing his question we all looked up.  My colleague called back, “It just means you’re misinformed.  Is that where you get all your information?”  He replied, “Fox on the right, CNN on the left.”  Several of us started laughing.  Others in our group asked for a repetition of what he had said and upon hearing it, added to the laughter.  It is symptomatic of this skewed world view that not being Fox News and actually being center right equates with a conveniently packaged leftist label.  That standard would make Attila the Hun a moderate.  And infinitely more compassionate.

He continued walking away in the distance as the sounds of our laughter followed him.