Okay, every Democratic committee in the country has a “Truman Days.” What we in Jackson County, MO have over all the others is ours is the real one, the party thrown every year by the county committee that Harry himself belonged to his entire life.

It is always a great weekend, and the cherry on top is always the keynote address by someone our Representative, Rev. Emanuel Cleaver has sweet-talked into coming to Kansas City for the weekend.

That process usually involves promises of barbecue at Gates in Midtown (I live within sniffin’ distance, and my motto is “if there must be pollution, let it be barbecue”) but that is certainly not the case this year…this year the people and the legacy of Harry Truman are the attractions, because the speaker is a vegan.

It is my pleasure to inform you that Dennis Kucinich will deliver the keynote address at this year’s annual Truman Days celebration, which will be held at the Holiday Inn Coco Key Water Resort in Kansas City (it’s the old Adams Mark, by the stadiums, to the locals.)

The festivities get underway on Friday evening when the hospitality suites open and they end Saturday night when they close up after the keynote.

See you there!