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St. Louis Activist Hub has a posting praising the good coverage from some media outlets of Friday night’s 4300 strong rally at Kiener Plaza and decrying the inexcusable lack of coverage from others, especially KMOV and the Post-Dispatch.

And the Post-Dispatch ignoring this story? Ahhh, where do I start? Perhaps Post-Dispatch political director Christopher Ave needs to meet with some union members just like he invited Dana Loesch to coach him on how to cover the tea party. Of course, we don’t need to ask how the Post-Dispatch owners feel about workers: they quite clearly do not care at all about them, to the point where they’re willing to break written agreements and drop health care coverage for people with cancer in order to save a few pennies.

When the story of the strikes in Wisconsin broke, the Post was silent about it for the first couple of days. I wrote at the time about activist Marilyn Morton calling the paper to complain about that. She was told that the Post focuses on local news. It’s pitiful enough that the paper founded by Joseph Pulitzer would have ignored such a crucial story, but at least if the P-D wants to focus on local news, then by god let them DO it. Ignoring a rally 4500 strong called about an issue that is sweeping the nation–corporate greed and the war on working people–is hardly “covering” local news. After all, Jo Mannies, who used to write for them and now works at the online newspaper, The Beacon, was at the rally and did a fine piece about it.

If it weren’t for Kevin Horrigan and the other fine op-ed writers at the Post-Dispatch, I’d drop my subscription yesterday.