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It’s late, it’s Saturday, and, in my present state, I don’t imagine I could do justice to the complexities of opening a box of Post Toasties (if I even had such a box). However, during a listless half-hour meandering around the blogosphere, I came across these two tidbits I’d like to share:

Think Progress notes the similarities between the right-to-work-for less legislation in Missouri, Maine, New Hampshire and other states, discusses the leading role that is played by the Koch brothers’ front group, Americans for Prosperity, in pushing this type of legislation in Maine (and elsewhere?), and finally observes:

The conservative strategy for decimating the labor movement is being replicated with great speed – and little creativity. Each state, from Wisconsin, to Ohio, to Maine, and others across the country face a similar threat of phony Tea Party groups, business front organizations, and even nearly identical legislative proposals.

In other words, a conservative tsunami is on us – and it’s every bit as destructive politically  and socially as the one in Japan is physically.

Duane Graham of The Erstwhile Conservative wonders why Claire McCaskill can’t talk about the deficit like a Democrat. Noting what I think of as her efforts to play political catch-up with the GOP on the topic while refusing to acknowledge the full range of complex economic issues that are involved, he comments about an email he received in response to a letter he sent her:

In any case, read it and weep liberals.  But remember that the moderate Senator McCaskill is the only horse we have in the upcoming race. The alternative is unthinkable.

Missouri’s progressive dilemma in a nutshell.