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According to Politico‘s David Catenese:

Former ambassador and state party chair Ann Wagner has not yet announced her 2012 plans, with spokesperson John Hancock saying she’s still “seriously considering” the Senate race.

Wagner has indicated she’s not interested in a down-ballot race, but informed GOPers say she hasn’t completely ruled out challenging six-term Rep. Todd Akin in a primary.

Wagner seems to be desperately looking for a niche. If, as Catenese speculates, Jo Ann Emerson has decided against a Senate run on the basis that her occasional gestures toward sanity may tar her as too moderate to run against the hormonally unbalanced conservatives who have already declared themselves, wouldn’t Wagner fall into this category as well? Her campaign for Chairman of the RNC showed that she’s more than willing to pander to the Teople, but, sheesh!… she’s a Republican, she has to.

Wagner might have a chance against Akin. Although the 2nd is strongly Republican, conventional wisdom has it that there are lots of folks out here who aren’t nearly as far out on the rightwing limb as Akin is – and a lot more who don’t even know how far out he is. For Democrats out here in GOPer land, it might be no more than the proverbial difference between the fire and the frying pan, but I, for one, would be willing to see the district thrown back back into the frying pan as long as there’s no chance of a credible Democrat challenger to Akin. It’s just the embarrassment factor with Akin … you know?