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Our good friends at Fired Up! posted their top ten list of quotes for the year. Check it out:

Ten for 2010: The Quotiest Quotes of the Year

To which we would add:

“I did not pay for, approve or have any knowledge of the robocall, nor do I condone its message….”

– statement by Representative Denny Hoskins (r-121) which appeared in the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal on the same day that his campaign made a payment for “push cards” to the same company that made the robocalls.


“…As you can see, I did not request funding be withheld or rescinded…”

– Representative Denny Hoskins (r-121) in his September 20, 2010 “Capitol Report” – after funds for a local film festival were withdrawn. Eight days later the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal reported: “….Rep. Denny Hoskins took partial credit for the withdrawal of funds in a Sept. 10 release labeled, ‘Rep. Denny Hoskins helps recover Social Services funding inappropriately used….'”

Add your own favorites in the comments, if you’ve got ’em.