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Every once and a while I take a look at the The Record Blog, which is sponsored by the conservative Missouri Record online journal. I like to see what the other guys are talking about and how they are arguing their points. Occasionally, my curiosity is repaid and the journal’s editor and main blogger, Patrick Tuohey, or another contributor actually construct an argument for their point of view that that is really an argument, not simply a litany of slogans. However, I am at a loss to explain this short post on Susan Montee’s appointment as the incoming Chair of the Missouri Democratic party:


… state Democrats have given us a chair.  To wit, Susan Montee, former State Auditor-elect has been chosen to serve as furniture.


… We’re just worried about the rest of the office suite.  There is no word yet on who will be serving as table, credenza or file cabinet.  But rest assured, once a capable credenza has been elected, a margarita machine will be placed upon him or her forthwith.

I am taking up your time by drawing your attention to this clunky attempt at humor because I don’t get it. Do I have to be a right winger to understand what Tuohey is getting at? Is he that worried that substituting “chair” for chairman is too politically correct – a label that makes strong wingers tremble? Or, if he concedes to the desire for courtesy that leads some to use gender neutral words now that more women are active in business and political life, does he just prefer “chairperson”? Is he trying to lampoon Montee specifically, or the state Democratic Party (here the comparison to furniture might actually be kind of apt given the Party’s general lifelessness)? Or maybe, like some five year olds I have met, he thinks the word “chair” in this context is funny all by itself? If so, it explains a lot.

At any rate, the bit about the margarita machine on the office credenza (elected or not) is not a bad suggestion, and Montee should take it under consideration. It might liven things up a little – which would be a welcome change for the state party. Ooops! Did I just get the joke?