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Former Missouri Treasurer (and now declared 2012 U.S. Senate candidate) Sarah Steelman (r) via Twitter today:

New 9.8% jobless rate. Higher taxes kill jobs, deepen recessions & hurt the people of this nation. I am for JOBS & against TAX INCREASES.  about 4 hours ago  via web  

Effect and cause? You’d think so from that juxtaposition.

Just the facts:


The Misinformed Tea Party Movement

Bruce Bartlett, 03.19.10, 12:01 AM EDT

For an antitax group, they don’t know much about taxes.

….According to the JCT, last year’s $787 billion stimulus bill, enacted with no Republican support, reduced federal taxes by almost $100 billion in 2009 and another $222 billion this year. The Tax Policy Center, a private research group, estimates that close to 90% of all taxpayers got a tax cut last year and almost 100% of those in the $50,000 income range. For those making between $40,000 and $50,000, the average tax cut was $472; for those making between $50,000 and $75,000, the tax cut averaged $522. No taxpayer anywhere in the country had his or her taxes increased as a consequence of Obama’s policies.

It’s hard to explain this divergence between perception and reality. Perhaps these people haven’t calculated their tax returns for 2009 yet and simply don’t know what they owe. Or perhaps they just assume that because a Democrat is president that taxes must have gone up, because that’s what Republicans say that Democrats always do. In fact, there hasn’t been a federal tax increase of any significance in this country since 1993….

[emphasis added]

Well, that was awkward.

Where do teabaggers get this stuff? Just asking.

Sam Stein

Only 12% Of Americans Think Obama Cut Their Taxes: POLL

First Posted: 02-12-10 04:15 PM   |   Updated: 02-12-10 04:24 PM

Only 12 percent of the public say that the Obama administration has lowered their taxes since coming to office, despite the fact that the White House’s stimulus package cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans, a new opinion survey found.

The rather remarkable number was part of a CBS/New York Times poll released on Friday and provides a somewhat dispiriting window into how the recession has altered political preceptions throughout the country. A tax cut of historic nature, passed by Congress last winter, has yielded few political benefits (and, some economists would argue, few economic ones as well).

In addition, the CBS/NYT poll found that 24 percent of respondents said that their taxes had actually increased under the Obama administration — which is, again, not true….

So, maybe it’s the continuous repetition of bogus rightwing memes that causes unemployment. There’s an actual, you know, correlation there.