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And so it starts. Sarah Steelman (r) has announced she’s running for the U.S. Senate in 2012:

…That’s why I have decided to run for the United States Senate…


….We need to create an economic climate of growth where families keep their own hard earned income. The country’s total federal debt is at $13.7 trillion and rising. We need to stop the frightening growth of government not only in size but in the power it holds over our lives by cutting government spending; balancing the budget; eliminating needless regulations; and reversing unwanted Obamacare mandates. It means stopping the Washington elites from making America more like a European country instead of recognizing that people still flock to America because they know they can build a better life for their families. It is time we get back to honoring and upholding our Constitution that protects the people against the encroachment of government power. It is time to ensure that our children and future generations to come will have the same abundant opportunities to fulfill their God -given purpose, and to live free!…

She left out reforming Social Security and promoting world peace.