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U.S. Representative-elect Vicky Hartzler (r) weighs in on repealing health care reform in Friday’s Kansas City Star online:

The wrangling on health care is far from over

….Hartzler said “it is time to listen to the people and repeal this onerous law in favor of common sense reforms…”

Evidently “common sense” means providing a hot meal. From over a year ago:

A health care story

….Randy Huggins:…Last Thursday I went to a health care information forum, I guess you could call it, Vicki Hartzler [a declared Republican candidate for the 4th Congressional District seat] held here. And she had concerns about the legislation and she had things that she liked about the legislation. Then she said she had solutions. The solution that she offered for the pre-existing condition my grandson had was, she offered to bring the family a, a hot meal. [pause] We’re hungry, but that’s not gonna help his heart, so.

SMP: And so, do you, do you feel some frustration when, when dealing with this, you know, the subject of health care reform and when you feel like people give you solutions that really aren’t solutions?

Randy Huggins: Absolutely it’s frustrating. [pause] I, I just, I don’t understand where they’re coming from. Why they can’t see the need to fix, the system’s broken. And they don’t see any need to fix it or to change it in any way. Just….

“…it is time to listen to the people and repeal this onerous law in favor of common sense reforms…”

Yeah, right:

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2010

New poll undercuts GOP claims of a midterm mandate

By Steven Thomma | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON – A majority of Americans want the Congress to keep the new health care law or actually expand it, despite Republican claims that they have a mandate from the people to kill it, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

The post-election survey showed that 51 percent of registered voters want to keep the law or change it to do more, while 44 percent want to change it to do less or repeal it altogether.

Driving support for the law: Voters by margins of 2-1 or greater want to keep some of its best-known benefits, such as barring insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. One thing they don’t like: the mandate that everyone must buy insurance….

Uh, if there is no individual mandate and you get sick, that’s a pre-existing condition, right? Evidently those people who “don’t like the mandate” believe that if you’re healthy and you don’t want to pay for insurance you shouldn’t have to, but when you get sick you can then buy health insurance to treat your now pre-existing condition at the expense of everyone else who bought insurance before they got sick.

That’s not personal responsibility nor is it even fair.

Well, it is “common sense” in the world of right wingnut republicans. Figures.