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Tomorrow (Nov. 8 10) Repower America will give Peabody Energy an award – their state level Snake Oil Award for Public Deception. Peabody’s award will be presented at 12 p.m. at a red carpet event just outside 701 Market St., which, in case you don’t recognize the address, is Peabody Energy’s headquarters. You will be more than welcome to attend and join in what promises to be lively festivities.

To win the Missouri award, Peabody had to beat out such big-time polluters as Ameren. How did Peabody do it?  

Remember who won last Tuesday’s Senate election? Let me remind you – our new senator will be Roy Blunt, the same guy who in 2009 declared that “there isn’t any real science to say we are altering the climate path of the earth.” In other words, our new GOP Senator pits his knowledge of climate science against an overwhelming scientific consensus and is willing to bet our future on his conclusions.

Why is Blunt so cavalier about the science of climate change, not to mention the opportunities posed by green industry? It might have something to do with all the money from big oil and coal that he has received over the years. Among these contributors, Peabody Coal employees and political PACs enriched Blunt’s recent Senate campaign to the tune of $37,000 dollars, comprising one of his largest blocs of industry donations.

Get the picture yet? Peabody is a major source of campaign funds for Missouri and other coal state politicians; company lobbyists and front groups spent over $8.4 million to influence congress in 2008 alone. Repower America is just trying to give credit where credit is due:

2010 has been quite the year for environmental disasters caused by big oil companies and professional polluters. The depths to which the fossil fuel companies and their front groups have sunk this past year are unprecedented. Corporate polluters have hijacked our democracy, devastated our environment, denied the science of climate change and made record profits doing so. Repower America wants to expose the polluters for exactly what they are: Snake Oil Salesmen.

Thanks in part to energy interests like Peabody, we’re stuck for the next few years with the climate deniers, the Roy Blunts of the political world, deciding our energy policy and the result will not be pretty. Not only will there likely be no meaningful energy legislation during the next couple of years, plans are already underway for a full court press to neuter the EPA and the Clean Air Act. The honchos at Peabody Oil can rest easy in the knowledge that their dollars have been well-spent.

As for the national award, now that it is clear what the big oil and coal companies have to do to win the award – devastate the environment, poison the climate debate, and purchase politicians so that they can do so with impunity – it’s clear that Koch Industries is a natural as the national level winner, easily beating out such giants as Massey Energy and BP. Not only does Koch Industries get the big prize, the folks at Repower America have gifted them with their own commemorative Website, which catalogs the “lies and environmental offenses by Koch Industries and its owners, the brothers Charles and David Koch.” Visit the site, poke around and pick up some new information about the cynical efforts of the Koch boys to buy our government so that you can show the appropriate level of appreciation when you attend the award ceremony tomorrow.