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The execs at AmerenUE aren’t fools. They know they’ve gotta move fast because the EPA may well decide to reclassify coal ash as hazardous waste, and that decision could come as early as this fall. If that happens, FEMA regs would prohibit Ameren from putting its next landfill for coal ash on the Missouri river floodplain at Labadie in Franklin County.

Now you have a chance, and it’s your last chance, to have a say-so about how the EPA rules on coal ash impoundments and landfills. The EPA is taking public comments until November 19th–that’s a week from this Friday–and environmental groups have been aiming to get half a million people to e-mail the agency. Half a mill is the old comments record, and we want to meet or break that.

What environmental groups want is for the EPA to forbid coal ash landfills near water or on floodplains and for the EPA to adopt Subtitle C, which lays out enforceable standards–as opposed to the agency’s other choice, Subtitle D, which sort of suggests that polluters not be bad boys.

Sierra Club members have been sending postcards to the EPA Director, Lisa Jackson, that say:

If the BP oil disaster and the Tennessee coal ash tragedy taught us anything, it’s that we can’t just take the polluter’s word for it anymore. I urge you to stand up to industry pressure and quickly issue strong, federally enforceable safeguards to protect communities from toxic coal ash. Continuing to ignore scientific and safety concerns comes at a high cost to our families, communities and economy.

Coal ash is hazardous, but less strictly controlled than household garbage. EPA must adopt enforceable federal safeguards, not suggested guidelines for states, to protect our communities.

If you go to https://secure.earthjustice.org, siteAdvocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=996, all you have to do is fill in your personal info on a form and a letter will be sent on your behalf.

Go. Do the earth and your health a little bit of good.