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TPM notes that among incoming House members, four unequivocally qualify for membership in that chamber’s Crazy Caucus – among them, Missouri’s Vicky Hartzler. In this very special group of congressional newbies, which includes such standard fringewing specimens as as a proud torturer of war prisoners (Allen West, R-FL), an hysterical anti-Muslim fanatic (Renee Elmers, R-NC), and a birther (Tim Walberg, R-MI), Hartzler occupies the requisite religious nut niche (although there will no doubt be lots of mutual holding of ideological hands):

Hartzler belongs to that particular branch of conservative politicians, such as Michele Bachmann, who have described their political careers as callings from God. In fact, she wrote a campaign handbook for similarly-minded aspiring politicians, Running God’s Way.

This leaves me with just one question. Is Hartzler the price the powers that be are exacting in return for getting the queen of Christian scourges, Cynthia Davis, out of state government? If so, the tally is unbalanced – we still have Christian Dominionist Todd Akin (R-2nd) running untethered in Washington. One such embarrassment from Missouri should be enough, particularly in Washington where they can do big-time, national damage to Missouri’s reputation if they’re not watched carefully, which, given the new character makeup of the House of Representatives, is unlikely to be the case.