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The Springfield News-Leader said “Norr and at least eight other Democrats were the target of the calls. Norr received a call and recorded it.”

One of those other 8 Democrats was Keri Cottrell, the Democratic candidate for House District #1 in Northeast Missouri. Cottrell works as a fourth grade teacher in Canton, Missouri and has taught elementary age children for 19 years. Here’s the statement from her posted on the “Elect Keri Cottrell” Facebook group:

Yesterday your homes and thousands of others in the first district were invaded by a robo call that ties my campaign to pornography and even gay pornogrpahy. How absurd!! The number to the Adair County Ambulance District was highjacked and appeared on those phones with caller ID and caused their personnel to spend time and energy addressing a problem that they were not involved in. The House Republican Campaign Committee Inc. paid for the robo calls. My opponent Craig Redmon called yesterday to acknowledge these calls and to say he was not behind them. But his party is paying for lies to be spread across the first district.

I hope this motivates us to point out that I have worked extremely hard and will work to win at all costs except jeopardizing someone’s integrity. Remember that I am ready to go to Jeff City to work for you and realize that the first district deserves better than having this type of invasion into their homes. November 2 is days away and I ask all of you to roll up your sleeves and talk to people about how absurd the republican party is in making these accusations and in doing so cause undeserved stress to the Adair County Ambulance District.

Invasion is an excellent way to describe what those robocalls did. As well, the matter of “masking” the phone number with the number of an Ambulance District should get people in trouble. When it comes down to it, some people will do anything to help their favorites win, even to the point of lying about an elementary school teacher and trying to ruin her reputation.

But hopefully enough voters see through the Invasion of the Robocalls to see that the only way to get things back on the right track is to toss out people whose #1 ally would sanction these sorts of calls.