Rep. Hoskins claims to be good at creating jobs, but I have a very personal opinion here because since he was elected to the House, I lost my job. Yep, the thing got moved to Germany, very quietly. I worked for a company in Warrensburg called Bomag(run by a German company, but owned by a French multinational) that built asphalt paving machines. When oil spiked to $140.00 a barrel in the spring of 2008(the real trigger-pull that caused this depression), the price of asphalt of course skyrocketed also. No one had cost-of-material clauses in their contracts(who knew this was going to happen?), so new machine orders were cancelled by the road companies to pay for the increased cost of asphalt. By January of 2009, the plant quietly closed and 30-40 $15.00 per hour jobs were lost. What was Rep. Hoskins doing at that time? Trying to force universities and colleges to allow concealed weapons on their properties. I’d like to ask him why, but he won’t talk to me any more.