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The negative fallout from the House republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) attack robocalls continues locally.

The text of the calls:

Female voice: This is an urgent alert for all Christian families. Before you vote you should know that state representative candidate Courtney Cole has taken hundreds in campaign donations from a representative of the hard core pornography industry, including gay pornography. By allowing her Democratic campaign to be funded by those who are involved with and support hard core pornography Courtney Cole clearly does not share our Christian family values. On election day stand up for what’s right and decent by voting no on Courtney Cole. Paid for by House Republican Campaign Committee, Inc.

Courtney Cole (center) and her family.

The Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal ran a front page story, above the fold, on the HRCC robocalls within the 121st Legislative District:

10/29/2010 2:08:00 PM

GOP robocall attacks Cole’s ‘family values’

Warrensburg – Rep. Denny Hoskins sought to distance himself Thursday from a robocall barrage targeting his Nov. 2 Democratic opponent….

….Hoskins said in a prepared statement. “I did not pay for, approve or have any knowledge of the robocall, nor do I condone its message….”

….The Star-Journal received phone calls and e-mails, and a visit from former House Rep. Deleta Williams, all denouncing the House Republican Campaign Committee’s robocall content.

“These robocalls that are being made against Courtney Cole and in support of Denny Hoskins, paid for the HRCC, are despicable,” Williams said Thursday. “They cross the line of campaign decency. I believe it’s a threat to our democracy because more and more good, qualified people will become increasingly reluctant to serve in public office when they know that they or their families may be targeted by these types of tactics.”

That distancing thing is really quite interesting.

The Executive Director of Missouri’s HRCC, Robert Knodell and Missouri Executive Director of Victory Enterprises, Dave Hageman walked with Denny Hoskins (r) in the UCM homecoming parade on October 23rd wearing Hoskins’ campaign t-shirts:

Dave Hageman, Missouri Executive Director of Victory Enterprises (left) and

Robert Knodell, Executive Director of the House Republican Campaign Committee (right)

“…I did not pay for, approve or have any knowledge of the robocall, nor do I condone its message…”

As we previously wrote about those folks walking in the parade:

That makes it difficult for Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) to distance himself from the HRCC, don’t you think?


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