…from different quarters.

Missouri is an interesting place when it comes to politics on the ground. It’s home to Libertarians, tilting at windmills, with no political infrastructure to speak of:

And then there are the right wingnut voters willing to carry water for the top one percent in exchange for a little rhetorical lip service when it comes to few wedge issues:

Where was this sign from January 2001 to January 2009? Just asking. * IOKIYAR

* it’s okay if you’re a republican.

Pro life? Does that mean you’re against war?

Reward hard work? So, what about people who inherit money?

Fair tax? So, you’re against regressive sales taxes?

No debt? Um, what happened to the national debt when George W. Bush was in office? And where were you? Just asking.

Here’s a hint:

Common sense? Nope. It’s either cognitive dissonance or stupidity, take your pick.