As has been addresses previously, the Republican candidate for Missouri’s second house district has a knack for “borrowing” from a broad spectrum of policy sources.

McClanahan Opponent Channels Jed Bartlet

First it was a fictional television character. Now add to the list an Illinois Congressman.

In the section of his website that Wyatt has decidated to discussing education, Wyatt laments about the current state of Missouri’s economy.

“There is no question that Missouri’s young, old, rich, or poor are feeling the strain of the recent economic downturn. Our Country (sic) currently faces one of the worst economic climates since the Great Depression. Unemployment rates continue to climb as higher taxes, a deflated dollar, and increased government regulation has (sic) resulted in many employers reducing their current workforce.”

If you switch “Missouri” for “America” you will find the exact same language on Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock’s official webpage.