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If you say something often enough, it becomes true. Which is why I’m eventually going to be dating supermodels.

Perhaps the Stimulus was more of a gauze than anything else. Especially if you believe the CBO when they say that The Stimulus prevented another depression. And there’s that whole thing where the ‘official’ recession ended, which leads up to the current stabilization. Sadly, a stabilization in the realm of “lousy” is not enough and economic stimulus/acceleration still has to be done to get things going. The same “tax cut everybody and hope it works this time” Republican voodoo is not quite enough here. (Assuming that the Republican strategy isn’t “wait until 2013”, of course)

Oh yeah, the flier.. almost forgot about the rest.

Taxpayer Grants that their company was always qualified for (pre and post-Obama). Taxpayer Grants that the Republicans supported, until someone they don’t want in office is running.

As for the executives. Unless you wish to argue that the Wind Capital Group has invisible supplementary executives, the three higher-ups listed as donors are Tom Carnahan, Baumgardner, and George Knapp. We’re not gonna seriously be shocked that someone would give thousands to his younger sister’s campaign, are we? And in the shadowy conspiracy world that this idea operates in, then the guy who got the favor would be Russ Carnahan (seeing as he’s an actual member of Congress), and how much did Russ get from Baumgardner and Knapp? $0

Obviously the evils of wind power know no bounds.

Then again, does Roy really want to bring favors to family into play? because his imaginary accusations can be countered some pretty solid facts.

And here’s the works cited page (plus the info on the sender of today’s mail)

Wonder how many Republican mailers you need to hook to a turbine before you can power a laptop? I’ve been looking into going green.