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If you think that the Post-Dispatch is still a significant source for local and state information, take a look at this posting from FiredUP Missouri. In short, it seems that the editors at the Post-Dispatch trimmed an article by Tony Messenger about the poor relations between Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and Governor Nixon, deleting references to some very extreme and inflammatory statements that Kinder has sent out on twitter. Read the FiredUp post for the details. To say the least, the account does not inspire confidence in the Post-Dispatch.

The bowdlerized Post-Dispatch article that appeared in the print edition (as opposed to the original online article that was also cut significantly) did leave in a tidbit that struck me as revelatory. Kinder opposed a transfer of $9 million dollars from a first-time home buyer tax credit program that Nixon wanted to use to help pay for work at the the Bellefontaine Habilitation Center in St. Louis. The tax credits were not being used and the transfer had been approved by the legislature. After Nixon broached the issue with Kinder, Kinder did an about face and the Housing Commission Board on which he serves voted to okay the transfer, but not without Kinder petulantly declaring:

Had Gov. Nixon merely explained the request and shown up in person to ask for $9 million, it would have passed the first time it came before the commission.

A little arrogant maybe? Does Kinder think he’s Don Corleone holding court for supplicants?

Why did Kinder, or the Board, for that matter, require a special, personal visit from the governor to explain the situation. I may not understand how things work in Jefferson City, but in my past work life, I distinctly remember firing off emails to my Director or even requesting meetings when I had concerns abut her proposals. Maybe I’m naive, but I’m willing to bet that Kinder could have managed to do something like that if he were interested in getting things done rather than grandstanding.