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Remember George Bush’s infamous “Brownie” of “heckuva job” fame?  Would you be surprised to learn that Missouri has its own bumbling BushCo veteran?

Tom Schweich, who is not a CPA, is running to replace State Auditor, Susan Montee (who, incidentally, is a CPA). Judging by Schweich’s webpage, his main qualifications for the State Auditor job are his fiscal conservatism and his administrative experience as an appointed official during the Bush regime. In respect to the level of competence that characterized Bush appointees, I remind you that there’s a reason for the evil chuckles when folks hear “heckuva job.” And Schweich, it seems is no exception to the rule.

According to an audit by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, Schweich, during his tenure as a senior official in the Law Enforcement Division of the of the US State Department (2005-2008), not only bungled the audits of the Division that he boasts on his webpage that he “initiated,” but failed to correct problems when they were brought to his attention by the government’s real auditors.

The report is replete with phrases like “weak contract administration and oversight,” areas where one would expect to find Schweich’s fingerprints. Nor does such incompetence come free. The report estimated the cost of the administrative failures poor stewardship during the period 2004-2009 to be in the area of 2.5 billion dollars.

To get an idea about the scope of the State Auditor’s job, I consulted Wikipedia:

The State Auditor of Missouri is an elected official responsible for serving as the State of Missouri’s chief fiscal regulator, conducting financial and performance audits for approximately 200 state agencies, boards, and commissions, and the state’s judicial branch. The State Auditor also conducts audits for county and city governments lacking their own auditor or when requested by citizen petition.

I infer from this that the State Auditor is the financial watchdog for the entire state. Consequently, I can only wonder why Missourians would want to entrust this level of responsibility to an amateur auditor and failed administrator? I’m not a CPA myself, but even I can assure you that fiscal conservatism won’t do the job all by itself.