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We received a mailing today from our brothers and sisters of the AFL-CIO explaining Roy Blunt’s (r-lobbyists) sad record and lack of support when it comes to working people and their families:

Important Union Message

Roy Blunt Failed to Create Jobs in Congress.

Why Should We Trust Him Now?

Roy Blunt Failed Missouri’s Workers

Roy Blunt’s anti-worker economic policies have failed Missouri. Now Blunt wants a promotion that he hasn’t earned. Here are the facts:

Failed to Create Missouri Jobs

Blunt opposed legislation that would create good-paying Missouri jobs. [H.R. 2847, Vote #991, 12/16/09; St. Louis Front Page, 12/20/09]

Failed to Protect Missouri Workers

Blunt opposed legislation to extend unemployment insurance to laid-off Missouri Workers. [H.R. 5618, Vote #398, 6/29/10 Washington Times, 6/12/08; CQ, 6/10/08]

Failed to Improve Missouri’s Economy

Blunt voted for the massive bailout of wall Street but opposed legislation to protect Missouri jobs. Time and again, he’s stood on the side of big banks and corporations over working families. [H.R. 1424, Vote #681, 10/3/08; gannet, 10/2/08; H.R. 2847, Vote #991, 12/16/09]

How You Vote is a Personal Decision

Your Union Has Endorsed Robin Carnahan for U.S. Senate

Vote Tuesday, November 2nd

And this mailing is a pittance compared to the special interest support Congressman Blunt (r-lobbyists) is getting from his inside the beltway Washington friends. From a Robin Carnahan (D) campaign e-mail sent today:

…Consider this:

   * Karl Rove’s Crossroads groups are spending $4.7 million on TV attacking me (they’ve already spent over $2.1 of that);

   * The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has already spent $1 million on TV attacks;

   * The National Republican Senatorial Committee just reserved $1.2 million for TV;

   * Congressman Blunt is the top recipient of lobbyist money of all House Members of Congress, and he’s number two in PAC contributions, giving him nearly limitless resources to spread lies about me and distort his own record.

What does this mean? A couple things: First, that the Washington Republican establishment knows that Congressman Blunt’s record makes him extremely vulnerable; and second, that they’re willing to spend anything and say anything to stop us from holding them accountable….

[emphasis added]

That’s serious money to prop up a Washington insider. I wonder who he’d be looking after?