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Heh. There’s got to be somebody at Faux News who spoke up at a meeting and said, “let’s sue Robin Carnahan’s campaign for using some of our video clips in an ad” who is thankful that he doesn’t have to clear his desk out at the end of business today only because everyone else around the table probably agreed so enthusiastically that it was a mondo boffo idea.

[Mindy Mazur – Campaign Manager

Robin Carnahan for Senate]

Mindy Mazur: Hey, guess what I’m doing? I’m standing up to Congressman Blunt. And you should, too. And while we’re doing that we’re gonna stand up to Fox News as well. Their parent company has given Congressman Blunt ten thousand dollars over the years. But in just one day we’ve already gotten four hundred donations supporting us in standing up to tell the truth. But we want five hundred. George in St. Louis, thanks for being number four hundred. You out there who haven’t donated yet, it’s your turn. Help us out, go to Robin Carnahan dot com. Thanks.

My advice to Robin Carnahan’s campaign – keep beating this like a big bass drum.