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If you’re reading this site, the odds are that you know that the Roy Blunt you’re seeing on the television is not the Roy Blunt that wants to become a US Senator. They look similar, so you can’t be blamed for confusing them, but when you take out a coin and scratch the surface then anybody can see the show being put on by Roy Blunt to hide his views. Not to be confused with the show being put on by Roy Blunt to avoid televised debates. It’s easier to twist reality when nobody around you can call you on your lies and tactics.

I will admit, he does have novel ways of volunteer motivation.

“Media reports 17 environmental extremists are in Mo. to campaign for my opponent. Help us recruit 17 new volunteers”

Specifically 17. That number might drop to 16 if one of them discovers a love for fossil fuels. Good thing he didn’t look at a ketchup bottle before setting a volunteer goal. (Nobody tell him about the pipers piping or Calling Birds who are volunteering for the campaign, ok)

Then on the trail of the Real Roy Blunt, there’s how he talks to his AM radio base. Nothing says responsible like gunfire towards your opponent’s attacks. (there’s also the pulled internet-only ad with WTC rubble that was ‘accidentally’ posted weeks ago). You’d probably see a Blunt/Carnahan debate moderated by Keith Olbermann before he goes AM talk radio over the network airwaves.

There’s two Roy Blunts, one who dislikes bailouts and puts on a “reasonable” act, and one who supports corporate bailouts and votes right-wing first. There’s only one Robin Carnahan.