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My two-cents on two phenomena that are getting attention on progressive blogs today:

The first is the Republican fear of debates which I discussed in an earlier post. Today over at DailyKos Laura Clawson picks up on that story, commenting on Roy Blunt’s hypocritical, dishonest posturing when it comes to debating Robin Carnahan. The money quote:

If you’re the frontrunner [sic], which Blunt still is, you know you don’t have much to gain from debates. The question is how much you think you have to lose, and if it’s worth drawing attention to that by trying to avoid public debate. Sounds like Blunt knows he has a lot to lose if Missouri’s voters see him go head to head with Carnahan.

Maybe if we work really, really hard, we can shift that equation – although I am not sure that even if he weren’t the frontrunner, Blunt wouldn’t still have more to loose than to gain if he had to go up in front of a diverse crowd and defend some of the stock GOP boilerplate he has been ladling out to the faithful.

The second development is the concerted effort of congressional Democrats to give the store away to the GOP. The Democrats’ death wish has most recently manifested itself in the decision to back away from a vote on the Bush tax giveaways for the wealthy. So what else is new? Their possible rationale perhaps? According to TPM, the idiots may have done it just because it was a winning issue:

… according to a very plugged in Senate aide, Senators debating the issue were very aware that the polling was on their side. Yet, paradoxically, this ended up tipping the balance against holding the vote. Senate Dems felt they were alreadly winning on the issue, and in the end they thought a vote risked upsetting a dynamic that was already playing in their favor.

We’ve really got to get us some better Democrats.

To give you an idea about how that ploy is playing with the base here in Missouri, you need go no further than a post by Missouri blogger Duane Graham of the Erstwhile Conservative, billiantly titled “The Democratic Valley Of Dry Bones.” The title refers to Ezekiel 37:3 which reads:

And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest.

To which my response is that this is the most telling use of a biblical quotation yet. Here, however, is the passage that offers the best measure of the temperature on the left right now:

If it weren’t for the fact that a lot of innocent and hardworking folks would get hurt, I would wish the entire Democratic leadership go down in flames.  And I would wish the Democrats lose control of both legislative chambers, if the results weren’t slated to be so deleterious for already struggling Americans.  

There just aren’t enough pejoratives for such cowards, for such pusillanimous political pansies.

The angst spills off the page. The moral is simply that the markers of the progressive mood are all out there; one can only hope that Democrats start taking the readings soon. If they lose the House and/or the Senate and can’t do anything to repeal the wasteful, harmful upper bracket tax cuts, I guarantee it’ll be too late.