The Russ Carnahan/Ed Martin debates are here:

Friday evening, 7-9, at Forest Park Community College

Sunday evening, 7-9, at the Arnold Recreation Center.

The Tea Partiers plan to attend and behave like the same angry mob they were at McCaskill’s town halls last summer. They’ll laugh loudly and jeer at everything Carnahan says. We need to be there to counteract their insanity. Adam at St. Louis Activist Hub calls it “loud, zombie laughter” and explains that they have been given instructions to shout and interrupt.

Arrive EARLY if you want to get in. The doors don’t open until 6:15, but be there earlier. You can spend the wait time chit chatting with friends, observing (and documenting with pictures or video) the crude masses, or checking your e-mail on a smart phone. Whatever. Russ Carnahan needs you there. If we don’t show up, the media narrative will be all about Tea Party “enthusiasm.”

(Contact us about good pics or footage you might get.)