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FiredUP! points out that Blunt’s new line on Robin Carnahan – liar, liar, pants on fire – might not really correspond to reality all that much – and that, in fact, the claims that Carnahan makes in this ad, to which Blunt takes exception, actually do stand up to scrutiny:

So who’s the liar here? And why are we not surprised that it isn’t Carnahan? Maybe because there are are so many of Roy Blunt’s other equivocations, whoppers, prevarications, fibs, fabrications, and inventions out there. Here’s a small sample of what you can easily find on Google with a few simple searches:

Equivocating about birtherism: Blunt knows where Obama was born, but he wants birthers and Tea Partiers to like him – as long as he can pander to them without owning up to it in responsible adult company.

Tarp whopper: Blunts hopes that TARP haters have short memories; or that they think Obama managed the entire bailout all by his lonesome without any help from then President Bush and his go-to boy in the House, Roy Blunt.

Prevaricating about post-Katrina oil spills: Why? It’s obvious. Blunt’s collected lots of oil and gas money over the years.

Fibs about minimum wage votes: Blunt tells hardscrabble Missourians that he’s supported minimum wage increases in the past, but his record says otherwise.

Fabrications about knee and hip replacements: It wasn’t just the fairy tales about Canadian and English “rationing” of knee replacements that raised eyebrows – but his follow-up statement to the effect that the uninsured can get hip replacements by going to the emergency room.

Inventing a whole new persona: Hard to believe the plaid-shirted, (rented) pick-up driving, good ole boy is the same urbane socialite who is married to one of Washington’s “top 50 party animals,” with whom he shares a place in the “old-school Georgetown social establishment, which keeps them in the pages of Washington’s glossy society magazines.”

I could keep on doing this all night – there’s lots of material and plenty more synonyms for lies … but, by now I expect you’ve got the idea.