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…and that might imperil his own sense of outsiderness.

Heh. It appears Roy Blunt (r-lobbyists) would rather hide behind special interest attack ads:

Robin Carnahan for US Senate

For Immediate Release:

September 22, 2010


True to His Record, Congressman ‘Bailout’ Blunt Bails on Debate Package With Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan Accepts Debate Package With Blunt, Including Fox News Sunday and Meet The Press

Blunt Backs Out of All But 2 Debates and Refuses to Finalize Negotiations for St. Louis Public TV Debate

St. Louis – After months of claiming he will debate anytime, anywhere with Robin Carnahan, it appears that Congressman Roy Blunt is trying to fashion his own personal debate “bailout” package by refusing to take part in the very debates he called for and on the very dates he proposed. For weeks, Congressman Blunt has sidestepped and stalled the process and now failed to complete negotiations on a St. Louis Public Television debate with Robin Carnahan.

“During his 14 years in Washington, Congressman Blunt has perfected the art of DC Doublespeak and negotiated the Wall Street bailout – now he’s using his art to bail himself out of debates,” said Linden Zakula, Robin Carnahan for Senate spokesman.  “Just like on the campaign trail, Congressman Blunt wants to talk as little as possible about his 14 year Washington record of wasteful spending, corruption and sticking it to the middle class.  This refusal to agree to additional debates over the smallest of issues is a clear sign that Congressman Blunt consistently says one thing, but does another and he simply can’t be trusted.”

The Facts About Congressman Blunt’s Debate Bailout:

   *      On July 22, Robin Carnahan sent letters to all the qualified candidates proposing a series of three general election debates with all four U.S. Senate candidates in Missouri.

   *      On August 5, Congressman Blunt sent out a press release calling for 6 debates with Robin, noting that he had accepted nationally televised debates with Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press.

   *      Congressman Blunt then proposed to respective representatives dates for Meet the Press with David Gregory and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  Among those dates were September 26 for Fox News Sunday and September 12 for Meet the Press.  Robin Carnahan accepted those dates, but Congressman Blunt, despite living in Washington, DC, and having no travel concerns, refused to participate and instead insisted on a package of only 3 debates that could only be sponsored on Missouri Public TV stations and not network affiliates.

   *      In the interim, Robin also accepted debates hosted by the Joplin Globe and the Clayton Chamber of Commerce, both of which had major local TV and radio station partnerships so that more voters could see and hear them.

   *      Despite Robin’s desire to do more debates, Congressman Blunt’s campaign refused to consider them, so her campaign agreed to his package of three in-state debates proposed by Congressman Blunt: the Missouri Press Association Debate on October 15 and debates on St. Louis and Kansas City Public Television.

   *      In this process, Robin Carnahan’s campaign has agreed to every demand made by Congressman Blunt’s campaign.

   *      An agreement has been reached with Kansas City Public Television and all 4 candidates (including Jonathan Dine, the Libertarian candidate and Jerry Beck, the Constitution Party candidate) for the Missouri Press Association debate in October.

*”[Carnahan consultant Tony] Wyche, after we assured him of television coverage out of Joplin and Springfield, said that Carnahan would accept. Rich Chrismer, with Blunt’s campaign, did not decline our invitation. In fact he told me that Blunt had not declined any of the invitations. But, I didn’t get the yes I needed to move forward.” [Joplin Globe, 9/19/10]

Robin is running for the U.S. Senate Seat currently held by U.S. Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) who is retiring. She is currently in her second term as Missouri Secretary of State where she has worked across party lines to protect consumers by standing up to big institutions and getting more than $10 billion returned to wronged investors, and to cut red tape for small businesses so they can save resources and create more jobs. A breast cancer survivor with a background in business and law, Robin also still oversees her family’s cattle farm in Rolla, MO. For more information on Robin’s background and values, visit: http://www.RobinCarnahan.com


Yeah, those pointed questions could be so, you know…inconvenient.