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Two different short posts on Talking Points Memo caught my eye today. The first reports on a tweet from Claire McCaskill wherein she expresses her understandable disgust with the Koran burning pastor in Florida and the media frenzy he has created:

No tv today. I’m so sick and tired of looking at the nut job in Florida.

No kidding, Claire. You’ve got that right.

The second post, though, gives one some food for thought:

Pastor Terry Jones and Rush Limbaugh were high school classmates: Central High School Class of 1969, Cape Girardeau, MO.

They both do have a certain Missouri tenor to their remarks – as in Missouri Tea Party. Shouldn’t McCaskill be used to that by now seeing as how she has so much sympathy with the Tea Party and all?

McCaskill’s disgust with the carnival surrounding the “nutjob” is understandable, but, as Glenn Greenwald observes today about the media response to Jones, perhaps just a little too selective? Has she been as willing to speak out against the media efforts to keep the right-wing’s manufactured Park51 controversy going? After all, this Park 51 “controversy” is arguably more damaging to our efforts in the Middle East than the actions of some looney-tunes evangelical with a tiny congregation. It has, after all, engaged the energies of almost the entire conservative leadership – most of whom have made highly incendiary public statements.