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Previously: Tommy Sowers (D) in the 8th Congressonal District: clubbing Jo Ann Emerson (r) with the bailout

Tommy Sowers’ (D) campaign started airing a television ad and Jo Ann Emerson’s (r) campaign followed suit. The Sowers campaign issued the following statement in response to the Emerson ad:

“Emerson is trying to change the subject, because she doesn’t want to talk about her vote for the Wall St Bailout, her trade votes that have killed SE Missouri manufacturing, and […] the union pension bailout scheme she is sponsoring. All 3 are incredibly unpopular with voters in the district. This also serves as recognition of how threatened Emerson is by Tommy Sowers. She’s never mentioned any of her opponents by name in past TV ads, now she’s doing it more than 2 months before the election. She thinks her support in the district is a mile wide, but it’s an inch deep.”

Announcer: Where do they stand? On health care Tommy Sowers wants government in charge.

[Tommy Sowers, Government Run Health Care]

Sowers supports keeping the Obama health care takeover.

[Tommy Sowers, Southeast Missourian, 11,8/09, “Sowers Said He Would Vote For It.”]

Higher taxes, more spending, less control of your care.

[Tommy Sowers, Higher Taxes, More Spending, Less Control]

Missouri needs a leader…

[Missouri needs a Leader]

…not an Obama Pelosi yes man.

[Tommy Sowers, Obama-Pelosi, Yes Man]

Jo Ann Emerson fought the health care bill…

[Jo Ann Emerson Fought Obamacare]

…and is working for repeal so doctors make decisions, not bureaucrats. Putting people before politics…

[People Before Politics]

…Jo Ann Emerson for Congress.

[Paid For By Team Emerson. Approved By Jo Ann Emerson.]

Jo Ann Emerson:  I’m Jo Ann Emerson and I approved this message.

Okay. Let’s deconstruct this just a little bit. To advocate that the health care reform bill is destroying a health care system that’s working you should probably point out the stuff you think works.

Let’s see, universal access to affordable health care? Nope. People without health insurance get their medical care late and in hospital emergency departments where the care is most expensive. Who pays for that? Uh, the hospitals recoup those costs by charging those with insurance more.

“…Jo Ann Emerson fought the health care bill and is working for repeal…”

Prohibitions against restricting coverage of preexisting conditions? Prohibitions against denying people the insurance coverage they paid for because the actually got sick (rescission)? Really, Jo Ann Emerson thinks those provisions of the health care bill need to be repealed?

“…so doctors make decisions, not bureaucrats…”

Uh, what color is the sky in Jo Ann Emerson’s world? Insurance company bureaucrats don’t make our health care decisions for us now? Really?

“…Obama Pelosi…”

Uh, Jo Ann Emerson is not running against Nancy Pelosi, she’s running against Tommy Sowers, who also happens to be a veteran. That’s a nice touch by Jo Ann Emerson, by the way, having veterans surround her at the end of the commercial. I wonder if this comment came up while they were filming that scene for her commercial? Just asking.

“…Putting people before politics…”

Her campaign can’t be serious in using that cliche phrase in a political commercial – unless they’re delusional or think everyone else in the world is too stupid to compare her words with her record.

Uh, by the way, as a member of Congress didn’t Jo Ann Emerson have access to government health insurance before the health care bill was signed into law? Just asking.