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FiredUp! has done a great job of chronicling Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s lawsuit against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Just go to the FiredUp! Website and search “Peter Kinder suit” and you’ll get the whole ugly story. It seems obvious that the suit is a maneuver to spark some enthusiasm on the part of Missouri’s roiling Tea Party masses for a future run by Kinder for governor. If so, perhaps he should reconsider.

In the wake of last night’s primaries, Think Progress notes that:

Every single health care plaintiff in a contested primary for governor lost their election – hopefully this will inspire future candidates to abandon their counterproductive opposition to health reform.

Wanna bet Knder won’t get the message that opposing “Obamacare” isn’t the way to the governor’s mansion?  Poor baby’s in too deep for anything but denial.