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Via our good friends at Fired Up:


Vicky Hartzler (r): Ike Skelton, under his leadership, has seen a decrease in the defense budget, have, has, had missile defense, uh, cut.


We have the, the smallest navy here that we have had since nineteen, uh, the early nineteen sixties.

Congressman Ike Skelton (D): I don’t understand what she’s saying, huh, Missouri’s naval presence?


I don’t think Vicky Hartzler does either, Ike.

Oh, and her campaign spokesperson had a thing or two to say:

“….The impression you get from watching the Channel 41 report is Vicky Hartzler is suggesting that Missouri somewhere has a naval base, and that is, of course, ridiculous….”

He, of course, went on to say that Ike Skelton looked bad, too. Great campaign strategery there, bub.

And missile defense? You mean Saint Ronnie Raygun’s boondogle? Yeah, Edward Teach is gonna start lobbing projectiles at us from the Caribbean.

There be pirates in Harrisonville! Aarrgh!