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Tommy Sowers‘ (D) campaign is airing this latest ad:

Tommy Sowers: When I served in Iraq I wasn’t alone. I had my fellow soldiers and this combat Bible. I’m Tommy Sowers, a veteran running to bring new blood to Congress.

Announcer: Jo Ann Emerson sold us out.

[Jo Ann Emerson]

Voted for job killing trade deals and the Wall Street bailout.

[Bad Trade Deals, Wall Street Bailouts]

Now Emerson is backing another one hundred sixty-five billion dollar bailout scheme and taking money from big city special interests in return.

Vote Sowers and stop Emerson’s latest bailout.


Tommy Sowers: I’m Tommy Sowers and I approved this message.

[Sowers, SowersForCongress.com

Aaproved by Tommy Sowers, Paid For By Sowers For Congress]

Heh. The shotgun is a nice touch.