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The chair of the Johnson County, Missouri Democratic Central Committee went to the Warrensburg post office to check the committee’s post office box for mail today.

In the mail was a a plain envelope with the address of the committee and no return address. There was a 37 cent Ronald Reagan stamp and a 10 cent stamp for postage.

Contained in the envelope were two bumper stickers:

What passes for subtle racism from right wingnuttia in post-racial America.

The second bumper sticker, as described by the chair, had an image with “BP” and an oil slick on the left, Obama’s image on the right, and the legend, “Slickest and Blackest Disaster in U.S. History” in the center.

The chair turned over the envelope and the second bumper sticker to a post office employee at the counter who told her he would turn the materials over to the local postmaster. She retained the first bumper sticker.

Welcome to post-racial America.