We just love tracker stories.

Via Media Matters for America:

….There is nothing wrong with tracking — Media Matters regularly sends trackers to conservative events — but if you are going to track, perhaps it would be a good idea to come prepared with more than a single question based on a false premise. And when you are confronted with your own questions, have a better answer than rubbing your nose and mumbling.

Media Matters: Nope.

Tracker: Then who do you work for?

Media Matters: I work for Media Matters for America.

Tracker: Funded by?

Media Matters: Not by George Soros.

Tracker: Really, then who?

Media Matters: You can look on our web site, read our 990’s like any other organization.

Tracker: Really. [crosstalk] Okay, and you have, you guys have no funding from George Soros. That what you’re saying?

Media Matters: I’m saying my salary isn’t paid by George Soros. That was your question.

Tracker: Well, is Me, Me, Media Matters funded in any way by.

Media Matters: You can look at our publicly available forms and, you know, you can [crosstalk]…

Tracker: Well, I thought, as you worked there I thought I could get a better answer from you.

Media Matters: I’ve, I’ve never met George Soros. I don’t know George Soros. I’ve never seen George Soros. So.

Tracker: Okay.

Media Matters: It’s hard for me to answer.

Tracker: All right.

Media Matters: Who pays you?

Tracker: What?

Media Matters: Who pays you?

Tracker: Nah.


Awesome, just awesome!