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I’m typing this waiting for the final evening session.  The final speaker will be Al Franken.

Today, both Pelosi and Reid spoke.  

For me, the day was Elizabeth Warren day. If you heard her speak you can understand why she MUST be the head of the new consumer agency the Wall Street Reform Bill sets up.

The final session is beginning.  More after the fold.

Pelosi had clearly had the easier task in addressing the Netroots.  She can talk about the legislation that the House passes that goes to languish in the Senate.

Reid had the more difficult task.  He defused it when he talked about ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Dan Choi is here and the moderator gave Reid Choi’s West Point ring.  Reid said he will return it when DADT is finally ended.  They both embraced and it was very touching moment.

For me, the best line was when Reid said they are proposing changes in the Senate rules for the next session.  That got a big applause.  Of course, there were no specifics.

I’m going back to the last session.  I will write one more summary tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed these reports.  Thanks for reading them.