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Mary Nichols, a Democrat running against Byron DeLear for state rep in the 79th, has lost any shred of respect I might have had for her. Get a load of part of the mailer she just sent out. Under the headline “AN ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS”, she claims that DeLear “forgot” to mention that he used to be a Rush Limbaugh Republican. (That’s elephant hide you’re seeing underneath the text.) Remember that this mailer is going out to Democrats before the primary in a district that will almost surely go Democratic in the fall.

Were any of you good progressives reading this posting raised as Republicans? That’s what I thought. Me too. Is it to your credit that you overcame the right wing propaganda imposed on you and thought for yourself? That’s all DeLear was getting at when he wrote in 2004:

I used to be a conservative right wing republican listening to all of those right wing radio talk show hosts, and subscribed to a Rush Limbaugh-esque ideology that’s all about the law of the jungle. You know, the Capitalistic ‘survival of the fittest’. Well I have come through my wicked ways, and I have seen the revelation that building the future of humanity on a foundation of greed and industrial schemes designed to prey upon the weak is simply not sustainable. Being born into a wealthy family and having gone to military school as a little boy were the pertinent ingredients that led to my march in lockstep.

Next the mailer accuses DeLear of having run for Congress in California under the Green Party banner–the implication being that he doesn’t know what he is. Could be that the blurry photo, by the way, was the only one available, but it makes him look like part of a suspicious, maybe faintly subversive group.

And now, he “claims” to be a Democrat.

Give me a Green guy who got PACE passed in Missouri any day over a real estate agent who wants to develop the Missouri river floodplain. Nichols’ mailer is–speaking of the GOP–a Karl Rove type smear tactic against another Democrat.

Look, I understand that any serious run for state rep is hard. Those candidates put themselves through the mill. So when I wrote about that race less than two weeks ago, I gave Nichols every benefit of the doubt, although I thought she had little to offer. Now, I’ll be blunt. She has no agenda to speak of other than trashing a fellow Democrat who has proven that he wants to help the people of this state.