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I have the good fortune of being able to afford, both in money and time, to go to Netroots Nation.

This is my third one.  I’m now in my fourth session.

I have attended one from Rich Mellman’s polling on the concern people have that we are no longer a manufacturing country, health care reform, social security, and the fights in education standards over evolution in Texas and Kansas.

The one on Social Security is the scariest.  I will talk about it below.  

The fear, the panelist reported on, is the commission that Obama put together will be reporting in December.  With such deficit hawks on the committee, the great fear is that there will be a strong move to reduce benefits for younger workers.

The coalition gearing up to fight any proposals to do that has the cry: “Strengthen Social Security, but Don’t Cut Benefits.”

The group is organizing at strengthensocialsecurity.org.

The message was clear: by changing the cap on the system will survive for 75 more years.

We have to make sure that McCaskill understands that.  

Yet think about what happened in the special session. The General Assembly funded a tax incentive program by reducing the retirement benefits for new state workers.  That shows how strong the notion is that retirees are too well-off.

More reports coming.  The fight will never end and we have to remember that.