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You’ve probably heard that looney-tunes Rep. Michelle Bachmann has decided that what the Congress really needs is a Tea Party Caucus, as if almost the entire GOP, with a few brave exceptions, wasn’t busy pandering to what is, after all, their traditional base plus a few extra fringe crazies that have crawled out of the woodwork. Yesterday the caucus was officially recognized, and today Bachmann has released the list of the first 29 members. The only member from Missouri – drum roll here – Todd Akin.  

Okay, no big surprise there, birds of a feather and all, but what I’m interested in is where’s the rest of the Missouri GOP pols?  None of them seem to want to repudiate the Tea Party, but have, on the contrary, been more than willing to fall all over themselves in their haste to prove themselves Tea Party friendly. The big question is whether or not any more of them will be willing to cross over into overt Nuttopia. Or are they maybe a little worried that the Tea Party label is just a bit too compromised by dumb and crazy for ultimate respectability? It might be fun to watch our suddenly squeamish GOPers dance around this great new option with they have been presented.

Update:  Maybe the announcement of Akin’s leap into the Tea was premature? Or not.