Okay, this is funny, in a sort of inside baseball polling sort of way.

There’s a bit of a dust up between the Great Orange Satan and their former polling company.

A different polling company, Public Policy Polling, posted the following on their blog:

We actually do our polls…

One of the unfortunate things about yesterday’s news regarding Research 2000 is that it will have some people wondering if there are even more firms putting out poll numbers without actually conducting polls. Well we do conduct our polls and as a result get a pretty good volume of irate e-mails and phone calls from people telling us to never to call them ever again. Below is a small sampling, although I’m very disappointed I couldn’t find the e-mail from the lady in Alaska chiding us because our interviewer didn’t sound Alaskan…


From: [….]

Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 8:51 PM

To: PPP Information

Subject: ??

ENOUGH with the phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You people are out of control!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on the DO NOT CALL list for a reason and people like you are the REASON!!!!!!!!!!!

Cease and desist calling my house!!

It is 8:45 PM on a Sunday night … totally Inappropriate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: [….]

Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 1:47 PM

To: Jensen, Tom

Subject: Unsolicited phone calls in NC

I just received one of your calls. It is my policy to respond to lengthy surveys only when reasonable compensation is offered. You don’t work for free, neither do I.

I had to laugh at the indignation. Been there, experienced that.

Ages ago when I was helping to run a mom and pop polling operation we had a great interviewer who was a master at converting refusals (the randomly selected interviewees who balked at responding to the poll). Having a number of those failed interviews can really screw over your poll. This individual, while working through the difficult cases in our geographically stratified sample, would engage the interviewee with, “Would you please answer the questions? I just need to complete one more interview and then I can go home.” Invariably the interviewee would relent, the phone call would get completed, and the data would be recorded. Then, our interviewer would repeat the process until that portion of the sample was cleaned out. It was a thing of beauty to behold.