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Courtney Cole‘s (D) campaign posted another video on YouTube promoting her campaign. This one documenting a great way to meet a lot of voters via the guerrilla campaign tactic of hosting a pool party (in Warrensburg on June 25th):

[Courtney Cole for State Representative]

Hi, this is Courtney Cole and I’m running for the House of Representatives in the hundred and twenty-first district. We’re having a pool party tonight. This is my way of giving back to the Johnson County community for all the support that they’ve given me over the course of the year. So, thank you so much for your help with the campaign and let’s have a great time!

[Do you like a candidate who gives back to her community?

Be sure to visit VoteCourtneyCole.com and make a splash by donating $10 now!

Produced by Cole for House, Laurie Squiric Treasurer

made in House Volunteer Labor

“Pool Party” by the Aquabats used by permission of the band]

By all accounts there was a big crowd.

I wish I had thought of this. Again, don’t you just love a campaign that knows how to effectively use technology and social media?

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