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Courtney Cole, the Democratic Party candidate in the 121st Legislative District, has started her concerted effort to walk door to door in the district in the process of engaging with voters one on one. The logistics of going door to door, from organizing volunteers, materials, targeting, walk lists, and just getting to the location takes discipline, focus, and commitment. Walking door to door is not an occasional deal for a successful campaign – it’s a day in day out process, one that pays huge dividends come Election Day.

The first order of business before starting a day of walking door to door is to “cut the turf” – compile the list of registered voters in the area to be covered.

Teams get the list of neighborhood doors to knock (Courtney Cole, second from right).

This individual, running his produce stand next to the parking lot where everyone was gathering, was curious about what was going on. When I explained that Courtney Cole was a candidate for the House he asked, “Is she a Democrat?” I replied that she was. He said, “Good.” Being a resident of Windsor, Missouri he doesn’t live in the 121st Legislative District and won’t be able to vote for her, though.

Courtney Cole and her walking team drive to the neighborhood they plan on covering in their morning session.

The candidate knocking on a door.

One of the most effective ways of communicating with voters is direct contact from the candidate. Everything else pales in comparison. That direct personal contact with every voter by the candidate is an impossibility for national, statewide, congressional, and even state senate campaigns – but it’s definitely doable for a state House district campaign.

Even high temperatures and high humidity can’t get in the way of going door to door. Water is an essential for each walking team.

One door at a time.

There were a number of the incumbent’s signs in and near Knob Noster. I can’t say I recall an incumbent state representative in this area getting their signs out so early when they don’t have a primary opponent.

Courtney Cole is an enthusiastic campaigner and obviously revels in the direct voter contact that is going door to door. That’s how you win.